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Retrovision is a semi-regular retrogaming event in the UK. It started as a fan forum Yak Yak meet, but now has become a public event and runs various popular games on a continuous basis. One of the most popular games at recent events was Guitar Hero 2. Other games included Katamari Damacy and Realflight. A popular meal at these events is a curry made traditionally with chicken vindaloo.

Unique soundtrack

The event itself has a reputation for being a bit quirky and fun. Attendees dress up in 80s costumes and play obscure games on a projector screen. However, there is more to it than that. This event has its own unique soundtrack, which is based on the music of the 1980s. In fact, the event has received the support of major YouTube curators and has been featured on AirwaveMusicTV and House Nation.

While the event’s organiser identifies himself as Ming the Merciless, he is in fact a character from a cartoon series. Ming is also a character in the film. For some people, this might be a big deal, but to others it might be silly. Regardless, the idea of reminiscing about old times through retro vision seems to be more convincing than 3D.

Music Festival Miami

A key part of the concept of Retrovision is the music that the event features. This has been supported by hundreds of thousands of listeners online, and has been played by major DJs at EDC Las Vegas and Ultra Music Festival Miami. Additionally, the company has been praised on NoCopyRightSounds and AirwaveMusicTV.

The latest release from RetroVision is Over Again. The track’s unique sound has earned it a spot in Spotify’s mint playlist. Having a track on this list is a huge accomplishment for any producer, and it’s an impressive feat for a small electronic music startup.

Another interesting product to watch out for is HD Retrovision’s proposed Dreamcast component cable. According to the company, it costs $35 per cable and has a tinted colour. Unlike a typical SCART to component transcoder, this will cost less. It will also offer HDMI output and RF input.

No Copyright Sounds show

Some of the biggest names in the electronic music industry have been supporters of RetroVision, including the likes of Calvin Harris, DJ Shadow, and Steve Angello. They’ve all played RetroVision’s music at major DJ events, and have also been on the NoCopyRightSounds show.


Despite his relatively young age, Matthew Holness is a leading exponent of the retrovision genre. He fronted the mock-vintage TV series Garth Marenghi’s Darkplace, which had a great retrovision.

Other notable films are Grindhouse, which is a tongue-in-cheek double bill featuring a horror movie that was adapted from the 1980s and a fantasy movie that was based on the 1940s. Both movies featured clunky special effects and primitive editing. Yet they still managed to have perfect retrovision.

RetroVision Review

The 82 RetroVision is an all in one, easy to use device that allows you to access all your electronic devices. It also features an LCD touchscreen and a remote control that makes it very easy to operate. Plus, it comes with some amazing features such as automatic volume and a power-saving mode. This product is perfect for home users who want the most for their money.


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