Madden 23 Rookie Premiere Stats

Looking at Madden 23 rookie premiere stats, there are a few standouts that will stand out for many teams. Tyouan Thornton is the top wide receiver. His speed, agility, and catching rating are all above 80. In addition, his breaking tackle and traffic grade are both 85. He also has a height advantage over Chris Olave, who is an inch taller.

If you’re in need of a tight end in Madden 23, try using thoughtco Trey Mcbride. His 83 speed is among the highest in the game, making him a viable option for an elite tight end. Compared to Kyle Pitts, Mcbride is more affordable.

Another player to consider is Ohio State wide receiver Jameson 9xflixcom  Williams. This speedster had a fantastic season, hauling in 79 passes for 1,572 yards and 15 receiving touchdowns. His 78 overall rating, 86 strength, and 88 block shedding, are all impressive. And, while his pass rush may be underwhelming, hi dumpor s strength and weight make him an excellent choice in the d-line.

Another interesting feature of Madden 23 infoworld is its inclusion of Rookie Premiere tokens. You can earn Rookie Premiere tokens by selling off draft cards, which can be sold back to your main account. Alternatively, you can buy Rookie Premiere packs for 1,000 or 100,000 coins  tinyzonetvto and receive up to five Rookie Premiere tokens.

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