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4 Tips To Consider When Hiring Painters For Exterior Painting In Des Moines

Getting the exterior of your house painted or renovated is a great way to revitalize the aesthetically pleasing appearance of the house. According to recent statistics, painting the exterior of a house is known to have a lucrative return on investment (ROI) that hovers around 51% to 55%.

Exterior painting might seem like an effortless task that can be done by oneself. However, hiring a professional might be a better choice to get the job done.

Des Moines is a major center for providing excellent painting services. In the last year, the number of jobs of exterior painters has increased by 163%. In des moines painting services provide valuable expertise, attention to detail, and the ultimate preparation required to do the job. More than 100 painters are currently in the city, out of which more than 50% have a rating of 4.7 out of 5.

Tips To Consider Before Choosing The Right Painter

Choosing a suitable painter for the job is essential. They ensure quality work in a minimum time frame. Factors like the materials used by the painters, the various services like popcorn ceiling removal, wallpaper removal, cabinet painting, etc., the prices offered for services, and the time duration promised to complete the project. One must also check online reviews and referrals of painters to double-check the company’s efficiency biographypark.

Determine The Services You Are Looking For

Exterior painting is not about choosing the right paint and adding a layer to your furniture. It requires various kinds of services to get that stunning exterior. These services include fence painting, deck sealing, pressure washing, wallpaper removal, and many more.

When choosing a professional for the job, carefully examine their services. One must also pay attention to whether they provide services in covering furniture that does not need to be painted, moving the furniture articles, cleaning and removing draped cloth, preparing the surface for painting, etc. celebrities bio

Check For The Aids In Preparing The Surface For Painting

One cannot just start rolling paints on the walls to get their house painted. One needs to pay attention to the cracks, molds, loose plaster, etc., on the walls and get them repaired before adding layers of paint.

Priming is required to ensure color retention, paint durability, and material protection—the hourly wages of painters in Des Moines for exterior painting hovers around $20 to $25.

In Des Moines, painting services are known to provide excellent priming services, i.e., adding a layer of preparatory undercoat before painting. The city is a major hub for insurance industries, financial services, establishing business bases, and painting services. The skilled painters provide various types of primer paint like oil-based, latex-based, shellac-based, etc.

Determine The Budget

One of the most crucial aspects of hiring a professional is to meticulously discuss the budget of the entire painting process and get it appropriately written on paper. Getting an accurate budget on paper helps you keep track of money invested in various sectors like the paints, set of tools, services you choose, etc. Additionally, a written form of the budget comes in handy when the job is done to ensure everything has been done according to the plan.

Check The Type Of Materials They Use

Another significant aspect one must remember is carefully examining the material used for exterior painting. This is because exterior paints must endure extreme conditions like harsh cold, scorching heat, big dust, heavy rainfall, and even snowfall.

One must consider choosing acrylic paint for exterior walls. Acrylic is known to be an immensely durable and long-lasting paint. The paint can be used for various surfaces like wood, aluminum, and fiber cement.


Interior and exterior painting are excellent means to spice up one’s house and simultaneously get a reasonable rate of ROI. Hiring a professional for the job might be a better decision as it is time-effective, efficient, and ensures good-quality work. With the help of above mentioned insightful tips, one can easily choose the right exterior painter to get their house painted.

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